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Water Project Update

Players will be aware of the gradual progress with our irrigation network installation, from the amount of trenching and other earthworks appearing on the golf course. By early September, three of the back nine fairways had been completed, and the main supply lines installed for another three. After the September long weekend, the final three main pipes will be installed on #11, 13 and 17. The sprinklers on #6, 10, 12 and 15 will be installed in October, and the last three fairways’ sprinklers before Christmas.

At that stage, we will have three old irrigation system fairways being watered (#1,8 and 9) and all the back nine plus #6 on the new system. Thirteen fairways in all. Next year we aim to complete the remaining fairways, including completely replacing the old pipework on #1, 8 and 9. The third water storage tank is scheduled to be installed before the year end, with the manifold pipework having now been completed. The fourth tank will be next year.

The new pump set has been delivered and is currently awaiting some connection adaptors so this system can be properly installed on the new tanks and distribution network main pipes. Once pumps are connected the new shed will be built and the irrigation control system set up. It will be an interesting puzzle to solve using the old and new systems in parallel, while we are building the new distributor network! To facilitate the new pump system, power has been supplied by connecting into the existing underground power cable running across #2 and 8 fairways to the old pump shed.

The water supply second bore, which is being supplied by the Shire, has been installed and awaiting test

pumping. Meanwhile club volunteers have installed the security fencing for this new solar array and pump

system. Shortly the solar panel frames will be installed by a team of club volunteers, and then the equipment

provider will commission the new pump. Both solar pumps are being connected to a radio-control switch that

will automatically stop the bores when the storage tanks at the golf club are full.

At the end of August, the club received the first half of a State Government election promise grant, this payment

amounting to $100,000 plus GST. The second part of the grant will be due in 2022 when we achieve agreed

project milestones. We also received the second tranche of Shire funding earlier in the year. Along with club

fund raising, the financial security of the project appears to be well covered by existing and promised funding,

provided we can continue to rely on club volunteers for the installation labour.

There have been many volunteers taking on the varied and extensive programme of installation work. There

have even been non-members that have helped out. It is very pleasing to see some of the ladies having a go

at the installation tasks, and we all really enjoy watching the beautiful sprinkler display after a hard day

‘in the trenches’.

Brad and Matt Pic 3.jpg
Volunteers Pic 1.jpg
Excavator Pic 2.jpg
Main Pipeline Pic 4.jpg

10 volunteers including 5 ladies turned up to help install sprinklers and fairway pipes on #18.

Brad and Matt learning the art of pipe gluing near # 18 green

The new main pipeline being installed around
# 16 fairway.

Some of those old tree roots are tough going.

Lucky we have a big excavator on the job!

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